The Show Must Go On!

Dan Denney and UnmatchedStyle have teamed up to continue to bring you the one and only Front-End Design Conference!

Dan Denney is a Hero

Dan has been hosting The Front-End Design Conference since way back in 2009. He helped to foster a growing community of web folks in and around the Tampa/St.Pete area and has built one of the most heartfelt and genuine conferences in the country. It's little surprise, because when we think of Dan, those words come so easily to mind: Genuine and Heartfelt.

The Front-End Design Conference was one of the first conferences we got involved in and continued to attend year after year. This conference has become our home away from home and we’ve become emotionally attached to it and Dan.

Our experiences at Dan’s conference shaped our expectations of what a web conference should be and as the crew that hosts Converge, BDConf and Grok, we always try to recreate some of that welcoming atmosphere and positive energy at each of our conferences.

Long Live the Conf!

Dan and his wife Cherrie have decided to hang up their hats and cease hosting Front-End. While we understand their reasons and wish them all the best, it's hard to let go of a good thing. We want to keep Front-End alive and with that in mind, UnmatchedStyle will take over the heavy lifting of organizing the event, so that they can focus on other things. They will still be there with us and stay active, but we'll manage the events and help wrangle speakers.

We hope that you will join us in this joint venture. The Front-End Design Conference lives!

- Gene, Gio, Jay, Aaron - UnmatchedStyle