2014 St. Pete

Front-End Conf is annual event where a few hundred awesome people get together to share knowledge and celebrate our community.

Workshop - July 10

Rob Tarr
Rob Tarr
Frontend Tooling
Neil Renicker
Neil Renicker

Frontend Developer Tooling

The Build Right Frontend Tooling Workshop will help you eliminate development pain and friction by introducing you to modern development processes and tools. Staying ahead of the curve is difficult, and it's easy to quickly feel out-of-date or left behind.

Conference, July 11-12

St. Petersburg, Florida - Our locations for the events are pending contracts, but they will all be downtown.

  1. July 11

    (7) 45 Minute Presentations and an evening party. The speakers will be announced soon...

  2. July 12

    (10) 25 Minute Presentations. The speakers are coming from an open call and will be announced late April.

Call For Speakers

If you had only one shot, or one opportunity, to speak at this year's Front-End Conf... Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?

Carl Smith
Carl Smith

We're doing something new this year. In the past, the second day was filled with attendee presentations on a volunteer basis. This year, Carl Smith will be kicking off the second day and helping us choose the other 9 speakers. We'll be covering travel and lodging expenses for everyone that is chosen. Submit a talk!

Conference Code of Conduct

We have been lucky each year to have an event filled with kind and respectful people. This event is run by a family and we consider all attendees our new friends. That said, we would like to make sure that we will not tolerate harrassment of any kind. We will deal with any complaint swiftly and professionally.

Conference Only = $175 Workshop Only = $300 Conference + Workshop = $475 Registration is available