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  • Wednesday 4/19 | Workshops

    • 9:00am - 4:00pm

      Matt Griffin
      Introduction to Usability Testing

      (Full Day)

      A successful web product meets not just the needs of your organization, but also the needs of your users. Usability testing – done early and often – is a critical way to check stakeholder and web team assumptions. It bridges the gap between what we expect and what people actually do. Through a hands-on, interactive workshop, Bearded will train your team to:

      • Decide at what points in product development to perform testing
      • Recruit usability testing participants
      • Test remotely vs. in an in-house usability lab
      • Decide whether to perform moderated vs. unmoderated testing
      • Test on multiple devices
      • Create a protocol that is free of bias and gets you the data you need
      • Facilitate and record sessions
      • Analyze sessions to strategize next-step revisions

    • 9:00am - 4:00pm

      Daniel Flynn & Ryan Cromwell
      Build Right: Modern Javascript

      (Full Day)

      Whether it’s a website or web app, building with today’s JavaScript ecosystem can appear daunting. Customers, users, and Google demand great performance over finicky mobile networks and smooth experiences across a broadening array of devices, all while the underlying language—JavaScript—continuously evolves. In this workshop, you’ll receive hands-on experience architecting modern JavaScript systems alongside insight into JavaScript’s evolving role on the web.

      Modern Javascript Promise

      We’ll discuss the role of JavaScript in today’s web as well as the tools powering modern JavaScript development.

      Throughout the workshop, we’ll examine some of the features making their way into developers’ hands, enabling a more concise, literate, and safe codebase.

      Together, we’ll practice:
      • Javascript Classes
      • Modules, Babel, and Webpack
      • Architecting Modern JavaScript Apps and Sites
      • Patterns for Frontend JavaScript
      • Isomorphic and Progressive Enhancement
      • Build Tooling
      • Repository Organization
      Five Questions (that the workshop will answer)
      • What features are coming to Javascript?
      • Why should I use these new features?
      • How can we use these features today?
      • How do modern Javascript features change how we build applications?
      • How do we upgrade existing code to use new features?
      • What do modern Javascript repositories look like?
      • What is Webpack doing? How does Webpack work? Why should I use Webpack or Babel?
      • How can we support older browsers while using these new language features?

    • 7:00pm to 10:00pm

      Welcome/Kick-off Party

      Location: The Iron Yard 260 1st Ave S (Suite 300) St Petersburg, FL 33701 (Map)

Workshops Venue

The Iron Yard St. Petersburg Campus

The Iron Yard St. Petersburg Campus

The Iron Yard Academy teaches intensive, three-month courses that mentor you into a professional junior-level programmer. Our program goes far beyond tactical skills and teaches you to think like a software engineer. Programming is a lifelong study, and our process shows you to learn how to learn so you remain highly valuable for the rest of your career.

Learn more about The Iron Yard Academy from their official website.

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